Because villages outside Kathmandu needs our help, we exist.

  • Medical care

    First emergency cares, medications and basic health needs provided by our doctors and qualified personnal onsite.

  • Sanitaries installations building

    Primary hygienes installations - toilets - to prevent diseases. Providing hygiene assets and education around hygiene.

  • Food & water

    Provide rice and water on the ground.

  • Furnitures & education

    Organizing classes for kids, providing healing program to learn  how to face the danger. Providing books and furnitures.

  • School building

    Planification to build school space to host kids safely in the day.

  • Tents & primary home furnitures

    Tents installations, mattresses, covers and clothes distribution.

More than never Nepal need your help !

Support and Donate for our Rise for Nepal teams onsite !